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They say that Rome didn't fall in a day. Well, I wonder how long that it took for the bloody claws. Of an empire to suddenly get unhooked from the backs of those who relinquished their power to bring great change. All dissidents were extinguished, most of them at close range. So let it be known, let it be said that most of us yearn to be led. The axe falls slow as we fall in line. Horrific for many of us to live in the age of disgust where truth's suppressed, history redefined. In time, all systems fail, in time. Martyred by the idealists of our age, we're forced into war. Time and time again we pay the price, but they'll reassure us the sacrifices made weren't made in vain. I count the bald faced lies from those who seek to reign. It's just a matter of time, we'll turn the blood into wine and toast our leaders upon this day, to ring in a brand new regime who promise to bring great change and other things which they'll make us believe.
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