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One for all, all for one, with self determination and righteous indignation. I gotta mend this broken dream, so I try to swim upstream while drowning in disbelief. No place for the self employed, where life was once enjoyed. The future null and void. Our system's so corrupt that it's wholly lost our trust, and in fact it's plain unjust. When I look back I can figure it out, that it's all been scripted. Now it's about time to break free from your fucking cage! Tell me who your your god is and where is your rage? It's a problem reaction solution scenario. In this environment, all of us fair game, and this happens to be open season with no reason given other than because of the fact that our numbers are rising and they're fearful. So they question, what have we become? Destined for extinction with reckless fixation on colonization. So many have lost their way and all sense of humanity with no shame or humility. They rule with an iron fist. You will cease and desist or end up on their list. Cause these days you have no voice. To some it's all white noise. The choice: you have no choice! Despite the haze I can still see straight. I just took the hook out and I spit the bait. I wipe the bullshit from my eyes and get to reading in between the lies.
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