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I've been stone cold righteous right from the start of this. I felt lucky just to be a part of it, but times changed and so did most, so I went Southbound along the coast. Stayed East 'cause that's my home, that's where I shit and eat and where I'll die alone. The hard lessons learned right here were not for naught, now that the end is near. So stop, look, listen. What that's sound? Well, it's your death knell ringin' from underground. It's a one fits all, and it's all for what? We'll use the last nail to keep the coffin shut. True blue, yeah that's how we do, we stick our necks out and give you a point of view. But then you turn your back and disrespect and like a total stranger you disconnected us. We pay no mind and we forge ahead, and put the blinders on bur heads instead of us giving a fuck (so now you know we don't). So don't expect us to care because we won't. Southbound!
The final revolution (2013)
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