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Fall into the chasms
Of darkness and doubt - from hence which I shout
For a higher denomination is calling you out
To serve with a true sense of self
Our purpose conceived, destruction we'll leave
For the utmost perfection in warfare is what we'll achieve
Oh, we'll make you believe
For those most likely to prophesies
We're all four horsemen epitomized
Now get on your knees and die
Fucking die by the sword of my...
Hate coalition
Soldiers of god
Army of one
Blind unto the games that are constantly played
With bliss on display
An unsuspecting populace
Is neutered and spayed
Forced into submission
By those who forever - think it so clever
To take the possessions of all
Except ours. Never!
Oh, in droves you deceive
So just who's side are you fucking on?
Who's this host that you feed upon?
Your parasitic reservoir
Will run dry at the wrath of our hate coalition
Soldiers of god
Army of one

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