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Bound, gagged, shackled, silenced, and sentenced to die when I broke no law.
Left for dead as I gazed at the sun through holes and cracks in my door.
A voice said: 'All I know is where we stand, leave your cell, embrace your fate come the end.'
Bludgeoned,tortured, starved and loathed by those in the name of god and of man.
I lie at their mercy and I swear by the cross, my blood is forever on their hands.
the voice cried: 'All I know is where we stand, believe yourself, embrace your faith come the end'

No End To Sight (2008)
1. Let The Blood Run Through The Streets
2. Halo
3. Hour Of The Time
4. To Never Return
5. Where We Stand
6. Phoenix Rising
7. Go It Alone
8. All Rise
9. God's Will
10. The Fight Goes On
11. Where We Stand (ream Mix)