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The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
With blood lust, these bitter men,
they simply see the world through binary lenses
of good vs. evil... us or them.
All liberties are taken by this administration... ah... life is good when George is king
No fear of a reprisal, legacy of violence, unnecessary suffering

Oh... he's just the company jerk doing the good lords work
The king of hearts and your minds
will force the end times through death and war crimes
They plan to blow us away, cause it's a passion play and we're the stars.
In the skies we pray we're raptured and all are captured in prophecy... in the end of the world.

In unfamiliar places, the same sadistic faces
with bloodlines that never thin,
cast false flags and shadows which flawed us by design
so that good guys can never win
And all of them are guilty, most of them for treason
All time they serve is time well spent
Their endless thirst for power
justifies the reason to undermine our government

It's just the same old song, in that 'it won't be long'
Oh... what gifts they'll bring
Apocalyptic times, sadistic.
And if your TV's on, then you'll be called upon by the powers that be
to shun the others unlike you as self induces
the end of your world.

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