Pretty Maids - Dreanged song lyrics
Pretty Maids lyrics
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The bullets in the gun
My fury overruns
I've lost my faith in Jesus, Mary and the
Holy Ghost
Lost belief in God
The devil steers my thoughts
And now I hate the ones
I loved the most

Deranged Need someone to blame
Need someone to sacrifice
To take on all my pain
The world deserves to die
Want someone to suffer like the way
I'm hurt inside

My brain is all deseased
I feel no empathy
My misery has left me deadly
I'm sickened by it all
Heed the inner call
Defeat is all this world has left me


Now the dark side of my mind
Has wakened up the beast inside of me
Gotta kill to feel alive
Shoot em all and make my mark on
I'll make history and blow it all away

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