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Well you can knock me you
And you can bring me down
I'll get up and I'll be back on my feet again
I'm living here and now
I love to live out loud
Gonna take it to the max till the bitter end

You gotta roll with the punches
Never lower your parades
You another day wasted
Is better than a wasted day

It's a beautiful madness
The life I've been giving
A beautiful mess
The way that I'm living
A beautiful madness
A beautiful life
It goes on and on
It goes on till the day that I die

I've had my crazy ways
Too many hazy days
I really had my share of missed opportunities
But there'll be no regrets
Cause when it comes to it
I lived the life I love to live I'm forever free

There must be a guardian angel
Who's watching over me
Some kind of beautiful stranger
Who wants me to be


You gotta roll with the punches
Never lower your parades
Gonna take it as it comes yeah
Don't let it get to waste

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