Pretty Maids - In The Minds Of The Young song lyrics
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[Lyrics & Music by: Atkins / Hammer]

Now tell me how to ease the pain
As I head down the road
That leads to no where
And tell me how to breathe again
How to save my soul
Won't you show me

Everytime these dark clouds appear before me
I believe it's the end of the line
Everytime these bitter tears are falling
Then I see what I've lost
I will find

In the minds of the young
There's a will to go on
'Cause they're the ones to keep this together
And our world is betrayed
Now that love's gone away
Their visions are gonna hold on forever
In the minds of the young

Now that I've been searching
Beyond these walls of thoughts
To seek my failure
All I found was just you and I
On a collision course
Against our own nature

There're so many words that are left unspoken
Are we a part pf a spiritual game
And one too many promises has been broken
But as long as our future remains


I wish that I could fly away
On a wing and prayer
'Cause I don't wanna face the truth
I'd get down on my knees and pray
To the beauty of love
And the power of youth


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