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Another group of monster teenagers shot up their school today. What makes them do it? Video games? Marilyn Manson? Oh it can't be the parents, or the fact that schools sucks, or that
the jocks do get patted on the head every time they beat up the weirdo's and the jobs you get once you graduate are stupid, boring, meaningless, and a dead end to insanity.
I can't deny it's killing me, no one loses on TV. On TV.
When Sport Utiliy Vehicles are no longer enough...you need the TERMINATOR. Stuck in traffic in Lost Angeles? Drive over the tops of everybody else. You'll crush 'em before the
Cops can catch up with you. Your precious artifact shild needs to be safe, they're talking to a kid who's skin is a different colur? Grab the kid and mow 'em down!
Each new hot generation has a statemen they wanna call their own. Tattoos? Piercings? that's for Moms and Dads. What you want do is spend your allowance on Devil horn implats,
Elephand Man head, designer tails, third leg, fourth leg -- everyone a hermaphrodite! And on a lighter note...

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As Seen On Tv lyrics

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check here the lyrics for As Seen On Tv, the 8th song of the 12 recorded for the album Deviant, with a total running time of , by Pitchshifter. It was released on via , and produced by .