Amen - Fuck in LA song lyrics
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We stay out all night we piss and then we moan
We got cokeheads that never rest at home
You got outkast you got to dress the best
You got a Rolex that tells American time
What you want to lie down for calm down because you can't
Whatcha want to whatcha looking at live it up because you
Don't want to look alive
We want your suicide
We don't do what you do
We don't live here
Fuck In L.A.
Nazerenne says we go to cancun you can't do this with
Nazerenne + you
We got 12 steps and a chip and we walk down the street
Without a life to be shut out
Cross your legs and sleep tonight
Beat your lovers till the sunlight
Cross your legs and sleep tonight
Whiskey bear's done - serve us

Don't do this you can't run
You got 24hours with your favourite gun
We don't do what you do
We don't live here
Fuck in L.A.
Fuck in L.A.
Yea Fuck in L.A.
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