Amen - Westwood fallout song lyrics
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It's all falling from the ceiling
Why come? We're so bored
It's a shame we're so bored

It's just to let you fall out
It's just a Westwood fallout
It's just to let you fall out
Justice to stay here

It's a liar born to this
I'm a liar
I'm just a liar
I was born to breed with it

We're falling we're so baited
It's so calming it's a fear us
We're opposite there is no attraction
We're so opposite no reaction

Crash cash
I'm a liar in the waiting
I'm a liar born to them
I'm a liar I'm just a liar
I was born to be with them

We spread our arms and pray to a god that lives in Las Vegas
We sleep within empty holes and beat with dogs
To feel reborn
Just too bored
To be bored
We must reborn
We're just to feel reborn
be bored
To be bored we must reborn
Reborn we are just bored
Reborn we must 'cause I'm a liar
Just a liar
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