Amen - Liberation for... song lyrics
Amen lyrics
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We want your liberation
We watch your TV screens
We want your generations to bring down all they've seen
We put our LIPS ON so clean
We kiss ourselves OFF so clean
We want your liberation
We want your death donation
Liberation, Liberation, Liberation, Liberation

Shut up! Stand up! Settled? Obscene
Liberation for... the unsettled.
Liberation for the...Now sell out
Liberation for the...unsettled!!!
Liberation for the...unseen!!!
Why do we kiss each other???
When We Got Knives In Our Hands!!!
Death before musick (2004)
1. Liberation for...
2. Hello (One chord lovers)
3. California's bleeding
4. The abolishment of luxury
5. Money infection
6. Westwood fallout
7. Oblivion stereo
8. Please kill me
9. Exterminate
10. We got the bait
11. Neutron liars
12. Sorry, not sorry
13. Bring me the heads
14. Fuck in LA
15. The summer of guns