Madball - Across Your Face song lyrics
Madball lyrics

So in your eyes we've always been the bad guys
Dropping false knowledge
You're just full of lies
You misled our youth to distract them with fantasy
But your plan backfired
Blew out intro reality
I've taken on losers like you in the past
So why should I stoop to your sorry ass
I thought you were my friend but you only showed me disgrace
I'll slap you with reality across your face

Droppin' Many Suckers (1995)
1. Spit On Your Grave
2. Never Had It
3. Across Your Face
4. Step To You
5. No Return
6. The Blame
7. Smell The Bacon
8. We Should Care
9. Get Out
10. It's My Life
11. Ready To Fight
12. Friend Or Foe