Madball - Spit On Your Grave song lyrics
Madball lyrics

All you wished was to block my goals
All you did was to strengthen my soul
And what I wanted from you
I could never get
So dreading our deaths is how we choose to live
You're the one who feeds my rage
You're to blame for endless pain

It's been in your nature to destroy my dreams
It's in my heart to damage your means
'cause I feed off your fire day after day
It's you who I live for 'til I shit on your grave
So shall it be the last laugh on me
When you lay there to rot, I breath

Droppin' Many Suckers (1995)
1. Spit On Your Grave
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4. Step To You
5. No Return
6. The Blame
7. Smell The Bacon
8. We Should Care
9. Get Out
10. It's My Life
11. Ready To Fight
12. Friend Or Foe