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Monday night - Tuesday morning, master bedroom

Salem's standing in the dark
Watching Sarah's sleeping body
Someone is in her bed
Twisting, turning in his fever
Savid will not even see her
I an invisible..I am the one to bring you down

I open up my hand, the 'Goofer Dust' is falling
It's now on Sarah's hand
You can almost see the dead, as they enter Sarah's head
Then deep into her stomach, I wonder how the baby feels

Violently she's sitting up
Screams of pain I know she's hurting
I only see white in her eyes

[solo Andy]

Sarah speaks in unknown tongue
Then she spits a litlle blood
Time has come, I must be gone
In comes Grandpa, what is he doing
I thought I had him not moving
But the dead in Sarah's head, will take her to an early grave
Salem is gone

[Grandpa:] 'Go back to sleep me dear
It's just another nightmare
Those God damn voodoo drums
I will stay in here tonight, and keep an open eye
So you can sleep again...
Sarah sleep...Sarah sleep...Sarah sleep...

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Sarah's Night lyrics

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