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far above the ravengate
the spreaded wings of blashyrkh waits
Above the roaring depths
Sits the oath of frost
On the elder raventhrone

Older mountains sleeping in my sight
By chilling woods I stand
A grimly sound of naked winds
Is all that shall ever be heard from here

Cometh the rightful kings of highest halls
Cry of ravens lurk the realm
Eternally through the noctambulant grimness

...Demons stride at the gates of blashyrkh...
...Blashyrkh... Mighty ravendark...

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Blashyrkh (mighty Ravendark) lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Blashyrkh (mighty Ravendark), the 10th song of the 10 recorded for the album Battles In The North, with a total running time of , by Immortal. It was released on via , and produced by .