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[Music:Rettke/Paeth/Hunecke - Words: Rettke]

Foreign body in sliced worlds of fashion
We can stand our ground
We don't run with the pack
We don't fit, we're no blank piece of puzzle
There's no file we're in
and we fight back to back

So close, so far away
Your mind is taking chances
But now we're back to stay
We're on the top, we're flying high

We're on the edge
higher and higher
We're on the edge

We don't live in a permanent passion
Never even prepared for
What's in and what's out
There's a way left behind burning bridges

We'll there fighting back
And there's no doubt about


We are back, we are on our way now
And the permanent power is cracking your brain


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On The Edge lyrics

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check here the lyrics for On The Edge, the 4th song of the 11 recorded for the album Planet E, with a total running time of , by Heaven's Gate. It was released on via , and produced by .