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Every time I turn my head
They all vanish but I sense their breath
Well God knows if these people are real?
And I m falling keep on falling
All cheap shots make me blinded by fear
I've quit speaking no one ever hears
This world was never meant for me
And I m crawling always crawling
A little each day takes this fear inside of me
Nail by nail
A piece from reality
By all the morbid faces I see
They never rest and never.
Nail by nail
Take this fear inside of me
So close but out of reach
It never rest s and never sleeps
Never rest and never

Dark clouds seem to block out the sun
One thousand roads but nowhere to run
All these voices keep screaming to me
Can you hear them do you hear them?
In my mind I m never alone
This small cell is a crowded room
Hey doc is this solitude?
Can you seem them do you see them?

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Nailbiter lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Nailbiter, the 10th song of the 11 recorded for the album True Sound Of The Underground, with a total running time of , by Sister Sin. It was released on via , and produced by .