Amon Amarth - Wanderer song lyrics
Amon Amarth lyrics
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I journey through this frozen land on my own
There's no shelter anywhere down the road
When this mystic wanderer comes around
And the dying hope in my heart starts to grow

This vagrant offers help when there was none
To this outlawed murder on the run
Through the snowy mountains we roam
Mu journey towards freedom has now begun

On the run
All alone
Hope is gone

A blizzard hit with blinding force
The wind cut through the bone
And amidst the blur of snow
I found myself alone

Freezing winds brought me down
I laid myself to rest
In the deep, chilling cold
I knew I'd freeze to death

Left alone I had no choice
But to accept my fate
When the wanderer returned
Then I knew that my life was saved

On the run
All alone
Hope is gone

On the run
Not alone
Hope returns
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