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[Music: A.Bulgaropulos]
[Lyrics: A.Bulgaropulos, A.Geremia]

Today it is quiet and peaceful
Year 2045, life in the domes is easy
Hermetically sealed,
keeping mankind alive

The outer regions are poisoned
The radiation's high
Ashes and dust are falling
Deadly heat, the planet is dry

Hellish days, toxic and infectious times
Atomic twilight outside
Nuclear gods, you brought us here
Dragging our would into fear
Hellish days, atomic twilight outside

It started just by testing
Some new technologies
Providing peace and balance
Back in those years
it did sound good to me

Now with the memories fading
I can't remember too well
But jealousy in our hearts
Wiped out reason, security failed


I went out again this evening
To watch the violet night
But my blind eyes don't see anything
Time is up, I feel the cancer inside

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Atomic Twilight lyrics

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