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Our favorite joints in town
Close down at two, what can we do?
Walking drunk through empty streets
We have nowhere to do
'Cos there's no place where you can drink
I think this situation stinks
This law can't be the right way
We want our beer night and day

Open all night - closing time chock
Can't take it no longer
Fight for your right - whiskey and beer
Straight into the morning
Open all night - please! All night!

The drinks are locked away
The crowds are moving towards the place
Where automatic Emma stands
Dispensing beer and more
A dream machine, a gift of God
Out of luck, this evening sucks
Those drinks we always need'em
Let's fight for beverage freedom

Now that the city's dead
You can't get home without a car
Doesn't run past one o'clock
You stagger home on foot
The wrong direction mile for mile
And getting sober all the while
Don't want no more frustration
Make this an all night nation

Where can we hang out later?
At home? They'd tear the place apart
Just one way: don't close the bars

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Open All Night lyrics

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