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This is treachery...

Sabotage the system
To confront this treachery
Eliminate the threat
And build their minds on savage deeds
Broken communication
It's a hazardous violation
Don't fall into temptation
Don't fall... Abomination

Sacrifice the innocent
Shed their blood until the end
Victimize the enemy
Like a blind man's first see
This conspiracy cuts deep
It feels like treachery
Nothing to see, nothing to hear
Nothing top feel, the end is near

This is treachery
This is treachery
Hypocrisy, the enemy, down on your knees
This is treachery
Bureacracy, democracy, theocracy
This is treachery

Breeding a new soul - Breeding... Breeding
Immortals of doom - Face it
Keepers of the throne - Bleeding... Bleeding
The emperor's return - Hatred

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Treachery lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Treachery, the 8th song of the 14 recorded for the album Enslaved, with a total running time of , by Soulfly. It was released on via , and produced by .