Rainbow - Jealous Lover song lyrics
Rainbow lyrics

[Blackmore / Turner]

Lost and lonely, clouds hide the sun
Out on a highway, it's all you can run
Cold empty nights, devils in my head
It's something I've been, oh baby something you said

And it's hard to discover
That you're just another jealous lover
And it's so tough to take
That you're making no mistake jealous lover
Oh girl don't want no other

Shades of red, eyes of green
She's got me waiting, there's no in between
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies
Still you keep thinking that it's all paradise

And it's hard to discover
You're like any other jealous lover
And you say I'm afraid
That you're making no mistake, oh

In the day it's the same, the faces and the names
How long can I go on playing this game
So I live for the night, salt and the lights
To really love you and tomorrow they might

But it's hard to face
No one else tales your place jealous lover
And they say that's the breaks
But I got what it takes jealous lover, oh

I'm a jealous lover
Jealous lover
Don't need no, don't need no, don't need no other
Jealous lover, yeah
Jealous lover, oh
Jealous lover.

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