Rage - Bring me down song lyrics
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Life is short and I've been wasting time
Spending all those years
In this treadmill of lies.
It felt so numb when I had lost my touch
To all that I believed in,
Never asked for the why.
Yes, I know it's late, for sure (Yes, I know)
Better late than never, that's a word,
The game is over for you
There is nothing we'd be sharing
Not a reason for comparing,
Nothing anymore can bring me down.
In my new world it's too late
For you to spread your fear and hate,
From now on you cannot bring me down.
It's enough and I can't take no more
Of this endless trail of torment and tears.
Disrespect for all that I have made,
Well, it shows so clearly for what you are here.
Say goodbye, you cannot bring me down
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