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Spirits coming from the mind,
waking up my deepest horrors,
capture my thoughts, make me blind.

Weird, ?cause I don't want to see
the abyss of my possibilities.

Scared I can't look away.

It has come to my side.
Sister demon - my bride.

I want you, I need you
and I have set you free.
You're always right behind me,
I know the devil's sent you to me.
You want me, you need me,
now that I've set you free.
Look always right behind you,
You know the devil's sent me to you.

What has started as a longing
almost is possession now,
it drives me again and again.
Put a light into your window,
maybe I can find a hold.
I run against myself ?till I find the end.

Sent by the devil
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Sent by the devil lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Sent by the devil, the 3th song of the 4 recorded for the album My way, with a total running time of , by Rage. It was released on via , and produced by .