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Heart over matter, no more excuses tonight,
The earlier the better, let us just put it all right .
It is all moving, time's running faster each day.
No more abusing, let us get better this way.
'Cause in the silence I hear my heart scream
Louder and louder each day.
I am afraid I am losing my dream,
Reset and start once again!
Give me my way or no way at all!
It's heaven or hell!
Just my way, it's my final call,
It's heaven or hell!
It's my way or it's the highway,
It's my way, it's heaven or hell!
You can't repeat it, life is a one-off-shot thing.
Don't leave me bleeding,
Let me cure my broken wings.
'Cause in the silence...
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My way lyrics

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1. My way
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check here the lyrics for My way, the 1th song of the 4 recorded for the album My way, with a total running time of , by Rage. It was released on via , and produced by .