Soundchaser album lyrics

 released 2003
Rage Soundchaser lyrics
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1. Orgy Of Destruction song lyrics
2. War Of Worlds song lyrics
3. Great Old Ones song lyrics
4. Soundchaser song lyrics
5. Defenders Of The Ancient Life song lyrics
6. Secrets In A Weird World song lyrics
7. Flesh And Blood song lyrics
8. Human Metal song lyrics
9. See You In Heaven Or Hell song lyrics
10. Wake The Nightmares (falling From Grace Pt1) song lyrics
11. Death Is On Its Way (falling From Grace Pt2) song lyrics
12. French Bourree song lyrics
13. Fuga song lyrics
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Soundchaser lyrics

check here the lyrics for Soundchaser album, produced by and recorded by Rage. The album was released on 2003 via and has songs with a total running time of .
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