Rage - Mistery Trip song lyrics
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[Bonus track]
[Music & Lyrics: Peavy Wagner]

Once again I fell sleep
Drowned in a deadlike state, far too deep
There she came, in my dreams
Showed me places I never had seen

But I don't remember anything
It's just that I've seen everything
And I want to have it one more time, what can I do

Hear me now! S.O.S., I'm calling you
Take me out to a mystery trip
Hear me now! S.O.S., I'm calling you
Once again on a mystery trip

Felt so low, felt so down
Searched for eyes I never had found
Still I need more of this
Though she wasn't alive when we kissed

And I want to meet her once again
To get another chance and then
I will hopefully remember when I'm leaving here...

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