Rage - Brainsucker song lyrics
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[Music & Lyrics: P. Wagner]
[Bonus Track]

You keep tellin' all the world
You've got the motor running
You'd better wash your socks
They smell like death
You keep running 'round
And sell the people little dreams
Why don't you shut up now
You drive me mad


You've stolen all your money
And you've stolen all our minds
Watch out, soon you'll get the hammer back
Ain't no place around for 'bullshit man dirt' like you are
Come on man, I'll bang your head instead


Ten Years In Rage (1994)
1. Vertigo
2. She Killed And Smiled
3. Destination Day
4. Take My Blood
5. No Sign Of Life
6. Submission
7. The Unknown
8. Dangerous Heritage
9. Prayers Of Steel '94
10. The Blow In A Row
11. Brainsucker
12. On The Edge (live)
13. Solitary Man (live)
14. Enough Is Enough (live)
15. From The Underworld (live)