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Heights unimagined unattained
To drop bodies from the sky
Alive in mid air moving fast
Heads exploding on the ground
Corrupted souls in front of trains
Just to watch the bodies fly
At the site of shredded innards
Brains exploded all around.

High velocity impact spatter.

You into walls excessive speed
Creates catastrophic sounds
Fresh blood and guts from off the pavement
Before stench of death sets in
Between the eyes and unexpected
Liquid red spraying behind
Impact spatter brutal force
Something I will always need.

High velocity impact spatter.

A necro potion is made
From the remains of the dead

[lead - O'Brien]

Daily ritual intake
Drinking remains of the dead.

[lead - O'Brien]

Death after life after death
Only obtained in one way.

High velocity impact spatter
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High velocity impact spatter lyrics

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