American Head Charge - Sacred song lyrics
American Head Charge lyrics
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Selling my soul
Every day for a taste
Fixing all my feelings
With a spoon full of black
Is there nothing sacred anymore
Complete the purchase
Protect the product
Pursuit of pleasure
A pinpoint puncture
The decisions easy
In spite of the toll
When you?re the one who?s beneath
The one without a soul
Dream us away
Dream us away
Is there nothing sacred anymore
Is there nothing sacred anymore
Nothing sacred
Tango umbrella (2016)
1. Let all the world believe
2. Drowning under everything
3. Perfectionist
4. Sacred
5. I will have my day
6. A king among men
7. Suffer elegantly
8. Antidote
9. Prolific catastrophe
10. Down and depraved
11. When the time is never right