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Not addicted to night, afraid of the morning
That I awake and feel like someone is here
But I?m laying right out, going darker and darker.
When my skin peels away roses appear and I?ll turn over.
Find me in the corner of the round room
Reaching into dawn to find night blooms.

Beauty, how you blind!
Give me a reason.
Without sight,
I will ever find you.
And how you blind!
I know the reason
I can?t stop touching my eyes.

I?m allied to the night and warring the morning.
I retreat into the dark if someone is near.
You can lay me right out with the right kind of flower.
When my senses slip away lilies appear.
In the hot house you?ll find me staring at the end, again, in rapture.
I lick my fingers. Make my tongue go numb.

I chew you from beneath my nails.
Put your petals in my mouth.
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