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There is misunderstanding that there?s a bliss beneath it all
That every time it?s never ending, there is a kiss to change us all.
It?s in the dark. It?s in your photo that keeps on falling from the wall.
Tell me it?s better way up there. I need you. I need you. I need you to tell me?

Does it feel the same
After healing fame
And all the strange, strange, strange behavior?
Does it make it worse?
They mispronounce the hurt.
I feel so strange. I?m still a stranger.

Is there the misunderstanding that there?s hit of healing light?
Tell me the cuts finally stop showing before we kiss, again, the night.
Here in the dark, tripping your picture I keep rehanging on the wall,
I need you better way up there. I need you. I need you better.

Does it feel the same?
Would I feel like you?
Because I still feel strange.
Are you a stranger too?
I wish it mattered more but I never will be you.
I always feel so fucking strange.
Are you a stranger too?
I?m still a stranger.
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