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I wanted to take you
From those robes to feel the cold.
Undressing the blessings
Feels like my afterlife.

I go on
Yet on that night I went down with the lights.
Somehow, over and over I go on
They carried me out when the lights went out
Over, I?m over

I wanted to keep you
But I was told you?d grown too old
For someone who stayed young by bleeding light.
My afterlife is black and cold.
AFI (The blood album) (2017)
1. Dark snow
2. Still a stranger
3. Aurelia
4. Hidden knives
5. Get hurt
6. Above the bridge
7. So beneath you
8. Snow cats
9. Dumb kids
10. Pink eyes
11. Feed from the floor
12. White offerings
13. She speaks the language
14. The wind that carries me away