Primal Scream - Hit void song lyrics
Primal Scream lyrics
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Stupefied & crazy
Lonely as a ghost
Condemned, handcuffed & blindfolded
They tied me to a post
They gave me one last cigarette
Put a target on my chest
The captain gave the order
You can guess the rest...

Captured trying to navigate
The city sewers
I met a lot of creatures
But no-one like you
Flashing on you baby
Thought the lights were green
Went crashing thru a red
Into a head-on scene...

Hit void! [x6]

Joined the demonstration
One million on the streets
Singing songs and waving banners
Rioting for peace
Dreams of civil insurrection
Sold like junk from Indo-China
Disappeared when everyone went home
To watch the Champions League
Cup Final

You can't buy a revolution like a new TV
Read your Marx and Engels
Get a strategy
Be a situationist
Like Guy Debord
Explode yourself in protest
in the house of Lords

Hit void! [x6]
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