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Let not the sun go down on my wrath
I let it shake the world
Vengeance is the grudge I bear
flag of reckoning unfurled
You are the architect
of your own demise
so smile no more
I am the gatekeeper,
and you are mine for evermore

Come greet the reaper
You know the time is nigh
This is the day of reckoning,
your time to die
Brave men they spin in fear
At the sound of my voice
Say goodbye to life so dear
You no longer have a choice

Burnt black and silent,
rust and blood
upon my reaper's blade
I come collect the tolls
gather up all the debts unpaid
I call when you least expect
but when you deserve it the most
Behold the timekeeper
the end is getting close


The dead no longer have
A cross to bear
The dead no longer have
Need to despair
Death has come
And set the snare
Death will come
When you are unaware

[Solo: Lee]
[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]

The misbegotten have the gall
to think them safe and sound
They try to cheat the reaper
scatter, hide, no matter, found
The wheel of life is standing still
For them it turns no more
Now comes the soul keeper
and you become my whore


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Funeral Hymn lyrics

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