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City lights are calling
Slowly coming back to life
Speeding in the fast lane
Mama let us waste no time
Devil in the doorway
Selling any kind of hell
We're just coming out to play the game

And we never cry for love
We're superheroes
We are back where we belong
We never cry for pain
We're superheroes
Make a stand where we belong

Way to long I've tried to be
What I could never be
For too long you've rolled the dice
But you can't control me
I ain't talking about romance
You may fiddle I may dance
Anyway it's just a game we play


You gotta move to stay alive
We're gonna rock the bash tonight

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Superheroes lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Superheroes, the 12th song of the 28 recorded for the album Monuments, with a total running time of , by Edguy. It was released on July 14, 2017 via Nuclear Blast, and produced by Sascha Paeth, Edguy.