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On a dark, desert night
Look into the sky, something ain't right
A fireball, red and grey

People start to look, frozen in fear
A man grabs a woman, draws her near
They fall to their knees and pray

All mighty God... Is it today?
Fireball, in the sky
Fireball, in the sky

Hey, little boy with a cowboy gun
His mom picks him up, he starts to run
He laughs out loud, he thinks it's a game

The alarm goes off in the liquor store
The trucks roll by with a thunderous roar
It fell from the sky, a silver rain

All mighty God... The city's in flames

(All man alive - Can we survive?)

My alarm goes off, I'm shaking with fright
Blood runs cold, teeth clench tight
But it's alright now, It's only a dream

Well I go to the window, lean on the sill
The night is hot, and all is still
There's a blinding flash and now it's real

All mighty God... We died today
Fireball, in the sky
Fireball, in the sky...
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Fireball lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Fireball, the 3th song of the 12 recorded for the album Paranormal, with a total running time of , by Alice Cooper. It was released on July 28, 2017 via earMUSIC, and produced by Bob Ezrin with Tommy Henriksen.