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We are the disengaged
From a freak state
What goes on in your mind?
Secrets on your phone
She doesn't know I know
Ain't no way to deny

No I don't wanna die
Don't wanna die alone
No no no no
Still got eternity
Laid out in front of me

When you hold me tight, everything feels alright
But behind the lies you?ll never be mine
I don't want to live
Don't want to live alone
But you don't seem to care
That I don't want to share
No no no no

She's on the sinner's throne
You've heard the rumors fly
About her wicked ways
Don't look into her eyes
The late "he of the night"
She's bad in every way

I don't want to be
Don't want to be alone
But I don't care no more
Been devastated before

L don't want to see
Don't want to see you alone
Just want you to myself
And nobody else
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Disengaged lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Disengaged, the 11th song of the 12 recorded for the album Give , with a total running time of , by Sebastian Bach. It was released on via , and produced by .