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hierophant drugged out
wild eyes take you in
i helpless suffered
for far too long
intoxicated i stagger
into your world
and accept your fabulous
love to transform

this old boy into a man
of your sorcery

praise little queen
shower me in your
cleansing bath and transplant
your body in my life
the belly of the pits of lore
hanged the old man
friends of the beast

your brown eyes
drape over me
the soft touch punctures my shell
your breath on my hair
gives me oxygen to my dying life
let me love who i am

you're the instigator
with a constant flail
shoving in the future
shoving in the cleanse
by your very kiss
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Hierophant lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Hierophant, the 4th song of the 13 recorded for the album The hierophant, with a total running time of , by Will Haven. It was released on via , and produced by .