Agnostic Front - We walk the line song lyrics
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I speak my mind if I don't like what I see
Fight to survive, because I come from the streets
Wherever I'm at I'm not far from home
When the times get tough I know I'm not alone
We walk the line

As time goes by at the end of the day
We lived our life, because we chose this way
I was never the kind just to follow the blind
Didn't like what I saw so I left it behind
We walk the line
The america dream died (2015)
1. Intro
2. The american died
3. Police violence
4. Only in america
5. Test of time
6. We walk the line
7. Never walk alone
8. Enough is enough
9. I can't relate
10. Old new york
11. Social justice
12. Reasonable doubt
13. No war fuck you
14. Attack!
15. A wise man
16. Just like yesterday