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When death so swiftly has coveted
The client from this plane
A journey forged in ice has just begun
A crystal line entombment preservation now awaits
Proceedings executed hastely deceased to be encased
Encapsulated ensured the precious cargo safe
A pending resurrection rebirth

In the distant future when advancements shall allow
A being to be made again anew
The brain to be implanted
Fused within a growth of cells
This vessel but a vehicle
To traverse this mortal realm

Pressurized sealed in ward off the mounting days
Retain revived rebirthed beyond the grave

Jealousy some say it sickening
They merely can't afford this highest form of luxury
To live again
To carry on the will elite
To live again
Advancing through the centuries

Until the sky is black and the sun it never shows
Til the whipping winds of nuclear winter cruelly blow
The gift of immortality has been bestowed
I will return, I will return

Cryonics! Reanimate this life
Remake the fleshy juggernaut
In which the mind will ride
Cryonics! A wisdom is preserved
Frozen forever evolutionary curve
O a renaissance of mad technology
Segregate the wise eliminate the weak
O painstaking process onward we weed
Reproduce the strong eliminate

Heresy some say its blasphemy
Assuring I'll be in hell when god is through with me
To live again to forge yourself anew
To live again to face the godless truth
Foolery some say it'll never be
Fear will condemn such radical ideology
To live again to stand above your brood
To live again the phoenix raised unbruised
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I will return lyrics

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