Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fu song lyrics
Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics
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Fuck You
Fuck your whole family and your beverages
Fuck You
Fuck your little sister and your little brother
Fuck You
Fuck all your friends and everyone
Fuck You
Fuck your little puppy and your puppy dog
Fuck You....
Out In L.a. (1994)
1. Higher Ground
2. Hollywood (africa)
3. If You Want Me To Stay
4. Behind The Sun
5. Castles Made Of Sand
6. Special Secret Song Inside
7. Fu
8. Get Up And Jump
9. Out In La
10. Green Heaven
11. Police Helicopter
12. Nevermind
13. Sex Rap
14. Blues For Meister
15. You Always Sing The Same
16. Stranded
17. Flea Fly
18. What It Is