Red Hot Chili Peppers - This Is The Place song lyrics
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This is the place where all
The junkies go
Where time gets fast
But everything gets slow

Can I get some vaseline
Step into a modern scene
Take a chance on what
Which seems to be
The making of a dream

I don't want to do it
Like my daddy did
I don't want to give it
To my baby's kid

This is my calling

This is the place
Where all the devils plead
Their case to take from you
What they need

Can I isolate your gene
Can I kiss your dopamine
In a way I wonder
If she's living in a magazine

I don't want to say it
If it isn't so
I don't want to weigh it
But I've got to know

This is my calling
I saw you out there yesterday
What did you want to say
A master piece of DNA
Caught in a flashing ray
I caught you aout there in the fray
What did you want to say
A masterpiece of DNA
Caught in a flashing ray

Can I smell your gasoline
Can I pet your wolverine
On the day my best friend died
I could not get my copper clean

I don't want to take it up
With a little joe
I don't want to fake it
So I've got to go

This is my calling

I am a misfit
I'm born with all of it
The fucking ultimate
Of love inside the atom split

I'm in a flash ray
A mash of DNA
Another popping jay
Who thinks he's got
Something to say
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