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Let the sun beat through the clouds,
Let me kiss you on the mouth
All my childhood toys with chew marks in your smile
Let me hold your syrup close to mine
Let me watch you, Hollywood and Vine
And I want you like the movies, touch me now

I love you crazy, just keep on
I love you madly, just keep watch
You wipe my lips,
You turn me on
My attentions are turned to you

Did I dream you were a tourist
In the Arizona sun?
I can see you there with luna moths
And watermelon gum
I woke up in the sleeping bag,
With nowhere else to run
You're standing in the bathroom
Telling me its all in fun

(repeat chorus)

I can whisper in your ear
I can write a calendar year
I can wing around your Saturn smile, shout at the moon
I walked the tension wire line
And I learned to disrespect the signs
And I want you like a Pisces rising, even though

(repeat chorus)

You, you, you
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You lyrics

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check here the lyrics for You, the 12th song of the 12 recorded for the album Monster, with a total running time of , by R.E.M.. It was released on via , and produced by .