After The Burial - A steady decline song lyrics
After The Burial lyrics
The secret's out this is the last time.
Cast overboard, dragged out to sea.
All premonitions drowned today in the murky waters flowing from wounds.
But we emerged soaked in grace, dripping with the truth.
You've fired upon a target so clear, but shattered our own glass hearts.
We've fought with sweat and blood, this life is all we have.
Today has taken a bloody toll, but the nightfall will claim your life.
Claim your life tonight.
Her majesty will swallow you, she'll devour you.
And now we stand at this eulogy dripping with the truth.
You fired upon a target and we fired back.
We fired back on your stronghold.
We devastated all defenses.
Regret consumes you.
Regret becomes us all.
Forging a future self (2006)
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