After The Burial - Bread crumbs & white stones song lyrics
After The Burial lyrics
So I'll keep searching, for a place called home. I'll rip my roots from this earth, into the unknown. Is it for the dreams I chased or the ones I caught, this mystery this mystery is killing me. So now I'll leave behind a murder scene, my life isn't real, it's just a silhouette and when the sun goes down, I won't exist. I will be the forgotten, bread crumbs and white stones can't follow me. Overwhelming, constantly I'm tearing at the seams, the threads that hold me together, they envelop me. I am a shaking man. As my body breaks against the wind, I begin to slowly unravel. Overwhelming, I'm tearing at the seams, the threads that hold me together envelop me. And with fervor I am everywhere I thought I never would be. I will never come home, I am a ghost inside your empty house. I don't exist. I will not come home, I'll never come home.
In dreams (2010)
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