After The Burial - Pendulum song lyrics
After The Burial lyrics
Breathing, I am fading,
I feel I am losing myself.
Wishing I could be someone I'm not,
I know somewhere there's a mirror
that can show me who I am.
Because I will never know.
Constantly bending,
engulfed by my history.
So scared of letting go.
Beyond everything,
I wish I could be,
I am just a man.
The sun will never shine on me,
I am lost inside the meaningless.
We lose control,
like a pendulum,
I forgot where I came from.
Holding on to the weight of regret,
we lose control,
swing me back and forth again.
You gave and you bled,
now I am picking up the pieces of my broken heart.
Blocked out, my shattered glass past,
now I'm picking up the pieces I have swept away.
We lose control.
Swing me back and forth again.
In dreams (2010)
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