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Here I am, standing in the middle of her heart
A year has gone by since I last kissed her love
Yeah, I'm standing with my beloved beer as the same feelings rush
I'm back to where life is life-Pelekas

I see another familiar face-it's Patric
Who I know won't have a shower until he's on the boat
My three soft singin' English birds are now four
And Cactus Marguerita my friend
Queen of it all

Yeah, I'm down here again
To get drunk with my friends
Yeah, I'm back here again
And I'm filled to the brim with love...

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Pelekas lyrics

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2. Pelekas
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check here the lyrics for Pelekas, the 2th song of the 7 recorded for the album Spiritual Beggars, with a total running time of , by Spiritual Beggars. It was released on via , and produced by .